PLAYBuilder Partner Spotlight: Club

New York Road Runners

Since its inception in 2018, PLAYBuilder has been fundamentally shifting the manner in which sport and physical literacy organizations create, promote, and deliver their sport programming. Curious how PLAYBuilder can be an effective tool to your organization? Hear from our long time partner, New York Road Runners (NYRR), who have been using PLAYBuilder to provide quality sport deliverables to their community over the past year.

Stephanie Herrick, Manager of the Youth Program Development at NYRR, emphasized PLAYBuilder’s ability to create and share activities with other coachers, specifically newer ones, as truly valuable. NYRR supports approximately 600,000 runners, spanning across a variety of life stages & abilities. The organization supports its members through a variety of races, community open runs, walks, training sessions, & more. From its inception in 1958, NYRR has grown from a local running club to one of the world’s premier community running organizations, focused on inspiring members through running. Currently, NYRR now uses PLAYBuilder to scale their program to be in over 400 schools while 1,100 instructors access quality content.

“PLAYBuilder has become the go-to place to find activities, videos, and lesson plans that suit the needs of their participants, or to build their own.”

– Stephanie Herrick, Manager of Youth Program Development, NYRR

As one of our first and most prolific partners, the NYRR partnership with PLAYBuilder stems back to 2018; the year in which we launched PLAYBuilder. NYRR was looking for a versatile cloud-based platform to build and store customizable lessons that included the functionality to search for activities based on criteria parameters including time, space, equipment constraints, and teaching objectives. With PLAYBuilder, coaches can provide programming that is expertly curated and developmentally appropriate. With a scalable coaching platform, PLAYBuilder has become an effective modern solution to support the NYRR’s programming.

“[PLAYBuilder] provides a go-to place for New York Road Runners Staff to access activity ideas for training, program support, events, and communication.”

– Stephanie Herrick, Manager of Youth Program Development, NYRR

You can hear more from Stephanie and New York Road Runners regarding PLAYBuilder by watching our interview below:

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