Feature flags: Streamline your dashboard

We have received some great feedback from our partners regarding the PLAYBuilder dashboard. That is why we have made updates to the feature flags to streamline your users experience. As an administrator, you can enable or disable certain PLAYBuilder features across your organization and sub-sites. Choose exactly what sub-site you want certain features to be flagged.

  • Playlists: Choose whether you want playlists enabled for your users
  • Content ownership: The master switch on whether your users can create content or not
  • Minimal dashboard: Enable this option to keep your site dashboard as simple as possible
  • Item tile category: Choose what appears on tiles of your dashboard. Specifically toggle certain categories such as duration under item tile indicators

Whether you want to increase the features visible for your users, or simplify your dashboard it is a quick and straightforward process. Watch this 4 minute video below, to see how it works:

If you are interested to learn more please don’t hesitate to reach us at digital@sportforlife.ca. For monthly updates relating to all Sport for Life content, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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