PLAYBuilder Partner Spotlight: School

Good Spirit School Division

Since its inception in 2018, PLAYBuilder has been fundamentally shifting the manner in which sport and physical literacy organizations create, promote, and deliver their sport programming. Curious how PLAYBuilder can be an effective tool to your organization? Hear from our partner, Good Spirit School Division (GSSD) who have been using PLAYBuilder to provide quality sport deliverables to their community over the past year.

Amanda Kornaga, Principal of Good Spirit School Division, emphasized PLAYBuilder’s ability to create and share activities with other teachers as truly valuable. Good Spirit School Division serves the East-Central region of Saskatchewan, providing education opportunities for students from Pre-Kindergarten up to Grade 12. GSSD serves approximately 6,000 students, across 27 schools and 17 communities. Their mission is to foster a respectful learning environment, one where students can achieve success and foster a sense of well-being within the many public schools throughout their region. Fundamentally, GSSD aims to ensure “Students Come First”, no matter what.

“With [PLAYBuilder] you know it’s quality, you know it’s tied to outcomes, and it’s safe…vetted which is wonderful.”

Amanda Kornaga, Principal of Good Spirit School Division

Good Spirit School Division’s partnership with PLAYBuilder stems back to 2020 in the midst of COVID-19 lockdown. GSSD’s mission, to promote and support active healthy lifestyles across the primary and secondary educational system, led them to seek an effective modern solution to their programming: PLAYBuilder.

“[PLAYBuilder] has helped us save a lot of time…Streamlining some resources.”

Amanda Kornaga, Principal of Good Spirit School Division

You can hear more from Amanda and Good Spirit School Division regarding PLAYBuilder by watching our interview below:

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