PLAYBuilder Partner Spotlight: School

Saskatchewan Physical Education Association

Since its inception in 2018, PLAYBuilder has been fundamentally shifting the manner in which sport and physical literacy organizations create, promote, and deliver their sport programming. Curious how PLAYBuilder can be an effective tool to your organization? Hear from our partner, Saskatchewan Physical Education Association (SPEA) who have been using PLAYBuilder to provide quality sport deliverables to their community over the past year.

The Saskatchewan Physical Education Association (SPEA) is a provincial not-for-profit organization who’s partnership with PLAYBuilder stems back to 2020. SPEA’s mission, to promote and support active healthy lifestyles through the development of physical education, recreation and sport at all levels of the educational system, lead them to seek an effective modern solution to their programming: PLAYBuilder. Reg, executive director at SPEA, emphasized the integration of physical literacy concepts within PLAYBuilder’s activities, as it “promotes lifelong physical activity and learning”.

“[PLAYBuilder] covers all the areas that you could ever think of in terms of being a physical educator and a coach.”

– Reg Leidl, Executive Director, SPEA

While the impacts of COVID-19 are felt across all systems, the education and sports sectors have faced a unique challenge in the delivery of programming to their audiences. Programmers required access to a digital solution where they could access, create, and store quality sport programming that could be delivered remotely. With over 600 activities already preloaded and the capacity to create entirely new content, SPEA saw the potential in PLAYBuilder to adequately address the needs of their community.

“When they [teachers] see PLAYBuilder in action, they realize they have something tangible they can use and it boosts their confidence.”

– Reg Leidl, Executive Director, SPEA

You can read more about Reg’s thoughts regarding PLAYBuilder here, or alternatively, watch our interview with Reg below:

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