Engage your stakeholders with PLAYBuilder

What is PLAYBuilder?

PLAYBuilder is a cloud-based platform that was created to promote physical literacy, that hosts a wide range of online content. Since partnering with Momentum IT in 2018, we have helped our partners streamline and implement their quality sport content digitally. To date, we have curated pre-built physical literacy and quality sport content which includes +900 activities and +200 lesson plans. Whether you are a provincial, territory or municipal body it has never been easier to scale your digital sport programming and deliver your programs to your key stakeholders. Find out in this post how PLAYBuilder can help you easily digitize, create and share quality programs through Packs.

Packs – how PLAYBuilder can generate you revenue

For the foreseeable future, people will continue to be encouraged to stay at home. This necessitates access to at-home sport programs and activities. You can create your own activities, lesson plans, progressions and collections. Once you have established the appropriate physical literacy programming, aligned with the standards of your region, the next step is to create packs for distribution. These ‘Global Packs‘ are essentially your branded and packaged content that you can either distribute internally to colleagues, or externally to generate revenue. Take a look at some of the packs Sport for Life has created, which are displayed on our dashboard…

Don’t miss the chance to register for a live demo of PLAYBuilder here.

If you are interested to learn more please don’t hesitate to reach us at digital@sportforlife.ca. For monthly updates relating to all Sport for Life content, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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