Transform your club with PLAYBuilder

What is PLAYBuilder?

PLAYBuilder is a cloud-based platform that was created to promote physical literacy, that hosts a wide range of online content. Your coaches’ can choose from a wide range of Sport for Life activities or create their own content to share with your club’s members. The Sport for Life Society is recognized as the global experts on the Sport for Life Movement and the Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity framework. The purpose of Sport for Life is to be a catalyst to improve the quality of sport and to increase the development of physical literacy for everyone. PLAYBuilder makes it easy to streamline and manage all your content, which can enable coaches to easily implement their programs, all in one place.

Helping coaches create sport programming anywhere & anytime

Having a one-stop place for all your programming is crucial and can help streamline your sport programming. Here are some benefits that our coaches’ get excited about:

  • Centralized: It has never been easier to keep track of all your sporting content. Have all your coaches’ access and create their team’s programming from anywhere.
  • Tracking: You can stay updated on your coaches’ programming to ensure the ideal programming requirements are being met.
  • Choose what your users see: You can use User Notifications to direct your fellow coaches’ to the specific programming you want them to see. As you build out more content, you can easily toggle the visibility of certain programs for anyone by adjusting User Permissions.
  • Save time: Save time when onboarding new coaches by utilizing your built-out programs, year to year.

Favourite Feature – Creating Content

Although PLAYBuilder has hundreds of pre-built, sport specific activities, the beauty of PLAYBuilder is that coaches can create and run their own programming. Watch this 2 minute video to learn the basics on how to get started on creating content:

Want to build out complete programs for your club? Want to ensure quality sporting content is being delivered to your teams? Want to feel confident knowing your coaches’ are using the most up-to-date programming? Signing up for a digital solution is key to your success.

Don’t miss the chance to register for a live demo of PLAYBuilder here.

If you are interested to learn more please don’t hesitate to reach us at For monthly updates relating to all Sport for Life content, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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