Engage students with PLAYBuilder

PLAYBuilder helping educators 

With PLAYBuilder, your educators can choose from a wide range of Sport for Life activities or create their own lesson plans. Designed to promote physical literacy, PLAYBuilder hosts a wide range of online content. PLAYBuilder makes it easy to streamline and manage all your content, which can enable educators to easily implement their lessons, all in one place. Of our 58 partners, over 10% of them are schools. It has never been easier to digitize, create and share quality lesson plans.

Streamlining your P.E. programming

By using PLAYBuilder right from the start you can start easily planning out your physical education lesson plans aligned with educational standards in your district. Having it all in one place allows the streamlining of P.E. lessons, that teachers across your school can view and use. These are some of our teachers favourite features that help them conduct their lesson planning.

  • Searching: Easily navigate all your content with filter criteria such as grade level, curriculum, equipment and much more. Easily sort by these criteria to find activities that accommodate for COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Playlists: Select the lessons that fit your teaching style, and group them to create easy-to-access plans.
  • Favourites: Star your favourite content, for easy access on your dashboard.
  • Access Anywhere: Educators can teach from anywhere on their computer, mobile device or tablet. Save paper by downloading your content while offline!

Pre-built content to get you started with P.E. right away!

Creating new content that is both engaging and fun for your students can sometimes be a challenge. You need not look any further… choose from a variety of packs that contain activities, lesson plans, and units. The pre-built content allows one to quickly implement lesson plans for grades 1-10. Check out the pre-built grade packs we pre-built for grades 1-10.

These four content packs for Grades 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-10 have been aligned with physical literacy in mind by our physical education experts. These packs, included in your PLAYBuilder subscription, can be exceptionally convenient to figure out what to run and when. Choose from over 650 activities and 130 lesson plans that will be perfect for the age range you are teaching. Whether you want to narrow in on a fundamental movement skill or just a find fun game, PLAYBuilder can help you implement your quality P.E. programming quickly. By using these activities as your founding base, you can save time and get started with your classes immediately.

A success story during the pandemic

We asked Amanda Kornaga, Principal of Good Spirit School Division, how the pandemic affected their programming, and if our software was helpful in mobilizing innovation. This is what she said:

“Yes, it is difficult to have physical meetings so this has helped for sharing resources. It has also helped to streamline resources. When Covid first hit there were a lot of resources created and shared from a variety of people but they weren’t all credible. This has reduced the amount of time I spend sorting through sites. Thank you!”

Why teachers matter to us

As we celebrated teacher appreciation in October, we would like to again thank all the teachers and administrators for all you do. The founding reason we created PLAYBuilder was to get our children and youth active by gaining access to quality physical literacy programming. COVID-19 has made education more precarious and necessitated the need for the switch to complete digital programming. We are currently partnered with several schools, who all utilize the PLAYBuilder platform. PLAYBuilder can be the tool that not only cuts down on wasted time but can help improve the experience of both teachers and students.

Don’t miss the chance to register for a live demo of PLAYBuilder here.

If you are interested to learn more please don’t hesitate to reach us at digital@sportforlife.ca. For monthly updates relating to all Sport for Life content, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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