Admin Users: Engage Your User Base With Dynamic User Profiles

With the implementation of Dynamic User Profiles into PLAYBuilder’s functionality, administrative users of your organization can now efficiently collect direct feedback and engage with your user base. This information can then be used to tailor the end-user experience for your coaches/educators utilizing PLAYBuilder. In addition, collected responses can help your organization inform discussions and identify current programming gaps. In this blog, we will explore this powerful tool, as well as provide a quick video tutorial so you can begin collecting important feedback that is otherwise going unheard.

Not only are the questions you ask important, but so is the manner in which you format them. So, Dynamic User Profiles allows admin users to select from checkboxes, tree selectors, and radio button question formats. With a greater level of customization, we can tool questions specifically for the coaches/educators who are accessing PLAYBuilder. In addition, admin users can guarantee they are getting consistent feedback by enabling mandatory questions which have to be answered before users can enter the site. Ultimately, Dynamic User Profiles allows the administrative users of your organization to create unique profiles which are user-specific and cater to their desired programming. 

Want to learn more? Check our brief video tutorial on Dynamic User Profiles below:

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