PLAYBuilder | A Conversation With Ringette Canada

PLAYBuilder helps our organization save costs and time in printing and shipping out hard copies of resources. It is very quick and easy now to edit these resources online, whereas before we would have to reprint and redistribute these resources and dispose of all the old material.

– Kelsey McIntosh, Technical Director of Ringette Canada

From humble beginnings in 2018, PLAYBuilder looked to fundamentally shift the manner in which sport and physical literacy leaders create, share, and mobilize their sport programming deliverables. For our partner, Ringette Canada, PLAYBuilder provided the solution to their programming needs, allowing the organization to effectively store their content across one succinct platform. In this blog entry, we will go over a few of the highlights from our Q&A with the technical director of Ringette Canada, Kelsey McIntosh, who has been using PLAYBuilder to provide quality sport deliverables to their community.

Ringette’s initial search which led them to PLAYBuilder stemmed from the significant costs the organization was incurring to print and distribute their drill manuals. This coupled with the negative environmental impact of such resource intensive practices failed to align with the organization’s vision. Further, with a number of Ringette’s coaches now searching for online resources to supplement their training, access to expertly curated content became a necessity. With Ringette’s entire catalogue of content now digitized and stored in one place, coaches can seamlessly grab the materials they need while Ringette can readily edit their content to keep it current.

“PLAYBuilder not only allowed us to bring our drill manual online, but it also gave us one platform to upload and organize content from multiple programs including our Gym Ringette and Children’s Ringette programs.”

– Kelsey McIntosh, Technical Director of Ringette Canada

With PLAYBuilder, coaches have the choice between using Ringette’s pre-built lesson plans, or pulling specific drills and creating entirely novel lesson plans to address the specific needs of their respective players. Coaches can also access PLAYBuilder anywhere, with seamless optimization for both desktop and mobile, coaches can now grab lesson plans on the fly. Further, with content based on the Long-Term Participant Development framework, coaches have the confidence that they’re providing optimal training for their athletes.

As you can gather, its no surprise Kelsey of Ringette recommends PLAYBuilder to other sport organizations who are looking for a digital solution to their sport programming needs: “We would definitely recommend PLAYBuilder to other sport organizations. It does require some time to build up your content, but long-term it can be a very valuable coaching resource.” You can read our conversation with Kelsey in full below.

So what’s stopping you? Join PLAYBuilder today and see for yourself how it can fundamentally shift the manner in which your organization realizes its full potential.

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