What is an internal and distributable pack on PLAYBuilder?

First, let’s define packs. They are packaged content, either made by your organization or content from other organizations, that can be shared internally or externally. Curate a themed content pack that is branded, displayed and distributed on your customized dashboard. Example, imagine you’re a YouTube content creator. You have created your own account with videos that are branded by you. You can choose whether you share across the whole platform or just with a few select friends.

You can either distribute your packs internally to your members, or externally to other organizations to generate revenue. For a more in-depth look at how to generate a revenue stream by distributing your quality content, you can watch this quick video here.

Internal vs. distributable packs

Internal packs: Internal packs are packaged content either made by your organization or another organization. They can only be shared with members of your own organization. Check out this quick 20 second video on internal packs.

Distributable packs: Also referred to as “global packs”, are your packaged content made by your organization that can be shared outside of your organization. They provide a great opportunity to capitalize on your hard work by selling to your fellow sport, recreation and educational organizations! Check out this quick 20 second video on distributable packs.

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