PLAYBuilder keeps communities active

We are living through unprecedented times. As we can continue to adapt to living with this pandemic, the need to streamline and efficiently implement programs is paramount. Whether you’re pivoting your programs by: going virtual, reducing class sizes, or physically distancing indoors, PLAYBuilder is your digital solution.

Keeping communities active

PLAYBuilder can be your recreational tool to keep your member’s active and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle during this pandemic. It was created with promoting physical literacy in mind. Although you have access to hundreds of pre-built Sport for Life activities, you can create your own content to share with your center’s members. We make it easy to streamline and manage all your content, which can enable instructors to easily implement their programs, all in one place. This tool can let your recreational staff share their sport programming from anywhere.

Why PLAYBuilder?

Whether your center has completely shut down or reduced hours and capacity there has never been a better time for a complete switch to digital sport programming. Find out some of the benefits our PLAYBuilder Partners tell us:

  • Adaptable: With many people at home, our intuitive and understandable user interface can make your programs easily accessible from home.
  • Cut down on costs: Save money by planning your programs months or years in advance. They are stored on the platform forever. Onboarding your new members is also quicker through digital means.
  • Go Mobile: For many instructors, the traditional way of organizing and running programs from paper is still in use. Have your instructors easily adjust and digitalize their programs on the go. Best of all, you cut down on paper.
  • We make digital programming easy: The switch to complete digital programming can be daunting, however it doesn’t have to be. Sport for Life provides tons of pre-built content, you can either use or add to, to keep your community members active at home. More on this below.

At-home digital programming

Our at-home digital programming, provides an excellent resource for families stuck at home. You have access to plenty of activities with video demonstrations, all pulled directly from PLAYBuilder. They were curated with the aim of promoting and building physical literacy for youth up to ages 12. It focuses on developing the fundamental movement skills: Body, Locomotor and Object Control and Manipulation. Get your members started on working these three developmental stages of physical literacy:

  • Active Start (ages 0-6): Make the activity FUN and part of the child’s daily routine.
  • FUNdamentals (ages 7-9): Continue developing movement skills, and having FUN on daily a basis.
  • Learn to Train (ages 10-12): Start building fundamental skills in a wide variety of sports.

Our very own Coach Jess, Sport for Life advisor, curated video demonstrations of every single activity. Check out this video for an in-depth look at building Locomotor skills at home:

A recreation perspective

We asked our longtime PLAYBuilder Partner: Why did you choose PLAYBuilder? What was the problem you had that you needed PLAYBuilder to solve?

“HRM chose PLAYBuilder because we helped to design it with municipal recreation in mind. We wanted “one-stop” shopping for our staff to be able to build lesson plans, built from vetted activities, that were developmentally appropriate. This did not exist until the PLAYBuilder was created.”- Damion Stapledon, Community Recreation Coordinator, Halifax Regional Municipality

We hope this post has given you a glimpse into how PLAYBuilder can keep your communities active during COVID-19. It is now important more than ever.

Don’t miss the chance to register for a live demo of PLAYBuilder here.

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